Sharp Announces Release Of BD-HP90S 3D Blu Ray Player

Posted on Oct 19 2010 - 11:54am by Matt Jackson

After a fairly intense period of posting what felt like nothing but 3D news, it now feels like quite a break since our last 3D related post but Sharp has leapt in bravely to offer us some help in that respect.

OK, so it doesn’t have the snappiest title in the world but the BD-HP90S is a 3D capable Blu Ray player which almost instantly plunges into the world of greatness and coolness. In order to give it even more cool credibility it’s an ultra sleek design that can be led down, stood up, or hung upside down on the living room ceiling if that’s how you really want it (this may not actually be true so please don’t try it).

The player is set for release in the UK next month but it does carry a fairly hefty £380 price tag, although considering it’s 3D capable that really isn’t too bad.

Sharp describe the image quality as offering brilliant 2D and 3D but then we suppose they would say that; they’re hardly likely to say it’s merely acceptable but until the release there’s no real way of knowing for sure.

It has built in wireless though which does make it easy to connect to your home network or to your computer so that you can stream content directly from sites like YouTube or even from Internet TV sites and Sharp say that it is an extremely user friendly device that provides users with the capability to connect any existing TV remote and not just those provided by Sharp as there will be support for other manufacturers.

Connect the Blu Ray Player to a Sharp AQUOS LCD TV using the HDMI connection and the blu-ray player will automatically optimise the picture settings to give the best look for whatever you’re watching.

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