Sharp X-Series Launches With Wireless Option (In Japan)

Posted on May 6 2008 - 4:46pm by Richard Sharp

Sharp X-Series Released In Japan With Wireless OptionThe area behind the television in our house is a space where nobody dares venture. The great wire graveyard where dust collects at an alarming rate could, though, be a thing of the past very soon. Sharp has released its first wireless television in Japan – the X-Series uses a Wireless High Definition Interface (WHDI) to do away with games console, DVD player, and even satellite connection wires.

A seperate box is provided, which is used to route the TV inputs through. This box can be placed up to 100 feet away from the TV and even works through walls using a 5GHz band. The X-Series of Televisions offer the wireless technology as an optional extra, rather than a standard feature.

Sharp has partnered with Amimon to create and distribute the technology behind the wireless TV. Chip manufacturer Amimon claim that WHDI enables 1080p high definition quality to be broadcast at speeds of up to 3GB/s with a range of up to 30 metres.

The X-Series is quite a breakthrough in TVs. The range offers 37” to 46” displays and was released under the banner of being the then world’s thinnest LCD TVs.

If the technology is effective enough, and affordable enough, it could spell the end of ridiculous lengths of cable between many of the devices attached to your TV set. I, for one, wait with baited breath.

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