Should Selfie Sticks Be Banned Everywhere?

Posted on Jul 1 2015 - 11:29pm by Robert

One of the gadgets that is causing a lot of controversy these days is the selfie stick. For every person who loves being able to take a selfie in this way, there are others who hate them.

The latest company to ban these sticks is Disney. The entertainment giant has now banned selfie sticks from all of its theme parks, citing concerns over safety as being the reason for this. Previously, Disney had stopped people from using them on their rides and now you won’t be able to take one to their parks at all.

A spokesperson for Disney is quoted by the BBC as saying that the handheld selfie sticks “have become a growing safety concern”. The ban will affect the Disney parks in the US, Paris and Hong Kong. Visitors will now need to leave their selfie stick in a locker at the entrance to the Disney park they go to.

The Fear of Whacking Someone on the Head


Of course, the benefit of a selfie stick is that it has a long pole that lets you take better pictures of yourself. However, the fear is that they could whack some poor passerby on the head or else get caught up in ride mechanisms.

Other places where selfie sticks have been banned include Wimbledon, most UK theme parks, some football clubs, a recent Apple conference, the National Gallery, a number of music festivals an historic sitses such as the Colosseum in Rome and the Palace of Versailles.

Interestingly, St John’s Ambulance say that they aren’t aware of a significant increase in the number of selfie stick injuries.

Do you think that these gadgets should be banned or not?

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