Silicone cases show iPhone 5’s thin design and bigger screen

Posted on Jul 28 2011 - 5:08pm by Julius

A purported case mold schematic for the iPhone 5 emerged recently, pointing to a redesign for Apple’s new smartphone. The mold shows that the fifth-generation iPhone will be sporting a larger display, a bigger home button and a thinner body.

We have heard rumors in the past few weeks that the new iPhone 5’s design will be very similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 4. But these computer-generated designs, which are reportedly from a case manufacturer in China, say different.

The most noticeable change is the phone’s curved back plate, which is similar to the iPhone 3GS. It also seems to have a bigger, edge-to-edge screen with no gaps around the sides.

Soon after the case design was first shown, another photo was leaked by a separate manufacturer, which seems to confirm the features indicated by the first case design.

The design shows that the new iPhone is closer to Steve Job’s dream of releasing a smartphone that is buttonless. It seems that the iPhone 5’s home button has been replaced by a touch-sensitive button, seen on other modern devices.

The rumor may have some ring of truth to it, as Gizmodo said that the “source is similar to the source who provided us with impeccably accurate design schematics for the iPad 2.” The website also added that Asian case manufacturers are now providing case designs to sellers around the world.

This week, a Swisscom executive said that Apple will have a September 5 iPhone 5 release date, and rumors claim that mobile carriers in the U.S. are wrapping up their staff trainings for a new iPhone launch.


via: Gizmodo

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