Sim Cards To Replace USB Modem Dongles

Posted on Jun 19 2008 - 6:22pm by Richard Sharp

Sims To Replace USB DonglesVodafone has stated its belief that laptops will turn their attention away from USB dongles and towards the inclusion of built in Sim cards. The technology has actually already been introduced and is offered by several manufacturers including Dell.

The technology would prove beneficial to consumers because it would be far more convenient than a USB dongle and deals could be brokered between laptop manufacturers and mobile companies that would encourage both sides to advance the technology even further.

Once implemented on a large scale it would potentially mean that consumers would be able to buy a laptop that could connect to a wireless network instantly and easily without the added inconvenience sometimes associated with wireless networks and laptop computers. Increased wireless broadband options will also make the whole collection of technology a much more appealing prospect to the average consumer.

Wireless broadband, now offered by most major mobile transmitters, is fairly limited in its download and upload speeds when compared to traditional broadband connections but this is likely to further increase over time.

The technological advances behind mobile communication and broadband has faced some serious changes in recent years but they continue to keep pleasantly surprising many of us. The question is, what’s next?

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