Simpsons Series 2 Mini Figures are here

Posted on Jun 1 2015 - 9:00am by Richard Sharp

Fans of Lego and The Simpsons alike rejoiced when the official union of these two mega brands occurred last year (well, that’s when the first Simpsons Lego sets appeared at least). Since then the main kits have been joined by mini figures; and these brand new Series 2 figs that i’ve recently been lucky enough to receive.

The new characters and costumes

Series 2 Simpsons mini figs launched on May 1st 2015 and brought all new characters and costumes to the Lego world. These include Bartman, Fallout Boy, Hans Moleman, Mrs. Crabapple as well as The Simpsons themselves in different attire from series 1.

Maggie-santas-little-helper-lego-figureMaggie and Lisa also come with what i’d describe as a bonus character. Maggie’s little add-on comes in the shape of the Simpsons faithful pooch Santa’s Little Helper, whilst Lisa is accompanied by Snowball 2. Both of these ‘bonus’ characters are displayed with the sisters on the official guide (included within each pack).


Lego has also gone all out to include props and accessories with every character. Frink’s beaker, Patty’s eye test and Willie’s plunger are particular favourites of mine.


Cool things you can do with these Mini Figures

1. As you know, I’m a big kid, and I love Lego and like to display. Now that I almost have the complete collection (still need Marge, Bartman, Comic Book Guy and Hans Moleman) I plan to frame and place them on my office wall (suppose it could work for your kids too ;-)).

The above is an example using the Series 1 characters, but i’ll post as soon as i’ve framed mine.

2. Use them as cable holders


3. Use them to act out new and unusual Simpsons scenes


Final Thoughts

This all new series of mini figures once again breaks from the norm in terms of ‘classic’ lego heads, which for the purist probably won’t appeal. For fans of the Simpsons they’re bound to be a big hit though, and I for one think the extra props make them all the more exciting.

Sound out what in the comments below you think about the new Series 2 Simpsons Mini Figures and keep your eyes peeled for more Lego reviews (maybe giveaways too) in the near future.

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