Sky HD – Is It Worth It?

Posted on Jun 8 2008 - 5:21pm by Richard Sharp

Sky HD SubscriptionsThe SKY HD Box is actually a combination of an HD subscription package and the Sky+ service that acts like PVR, or Personal Video Recorder. With a 160GB hard drive as standard it enables you to record up to 80 hours of standard definition programs or 30 hours of high definition entertainment.

Of course, another advantage of the Sky HD box is that it allows you to access an excellent range of HD channels. There are currently more than a dozen channels broadcasting HD programs, including movie and sports channels as well as general interest and documentaries. While some of these channels will only transmit the occasional HD program some are dedicated entirely to the provision of high definition.

The difference in picture quality, as well as sound clarity, is quite stunning and definitely noticeable. As well as a Sky HD box, with Sky HD subscription, you will also need an HD ready TV. Many new televisions are manufactured as HD ready but if you are looking for a new set and you want to take advantage of this emerging technology then you must ensure that your TV is HD capable. Fortunately, those that are boast about it so look for the big-headed sets with HD Ready emblazoned all over them.

Sky has long been a leading light in the provision of satellite and digital TV. While the HD subscription may seem pricey at first glance, the quality difference is truly astonishing and, in our opinion, worth every extra penny and more.

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