Sky Q for a New Way of Watching TV

Posted on Nov 19 2015 - 1:26pm by Robert

The way that we watch television has changed incredibly in the last few years. The use of mobile devices and on demand services means that it is now easier than ever to watch what we want when we want it.

So what can a traditional service provider like Sky do to hold on to its market share and have us all sitting round the TV together like in the old days?

Perhaps the answer lies in the launch of the brand new Sky Q, which was previously known by the name of Project Ethan. Rather than being simply a new look set top box, this is actually a series of different boxes for using in various ways.

Sky Q Silver and More


The top box in the range is called the Sky Q Silver. This is an ultra high definition box ready for use with a 4K TV, has 1TB of storage and is only about half the size of the current Sky+ HD box. It comes with 12 channel tuners and you can use them to send out live TV to your other boxes.

Other boxes in the range include the more basic Sky Q primary box, which can support fewer boxes. Then there is the Sky Q Mini, which is designed for use in the bedroom or in other rooms of the house. There is also the Sky Q Hub, which a Wi-Fi router that connects all of your boxes to the internet.

As for the remote control, you will now get a smaller and cooler Bluetooth remote that uses a circular touchpad. Expect to see Sky Q launched early in 2016.

Do you like the sound of switching to Sky Q?

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