Sky Remote Record

Posted on Jun 5 2008 - 12:54pm by Richard Sharp

Sky Remote RecordSo Sky+ revolutionised the way we watch and record satellite TV (even Ross Kemp’s grandma uses it to record and watch back the snooker [embarrassing laughter]) but where a solution is provided it only ever presents another problem. What if you forgot to set Sky+ and the snooker’s about to start. You wouldn’t want grandma Kemp getting upset now would you?

All Sky+ members benefit from free registration to the Remote Record service and once you’ve registered you can use a PC or your mobile phone to set your Sky+ or HD box (like you should have done before you went out). Simply log on to My Sky, view the listings for the day and then choose the programs you don’t want to miss.

Mobile recording can be done either using a Sky Anytime mobile phone or by sending a text. Sky Anytime is a mobile phone service that lets you watch Sky content on your phone, wherever you are. You can get celebrity headlines, sports headlines, and can watch content from some of the major Sky Channels.

Sky offers some really good packages that brings you one stop closer to a completely digital home and mobile world. With remote record, they also let you record shows that you would have otherwise missed.

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