Skype – Coming to a TV Screen and Phone near You

Posted on Jan 6 2011 - 11:39pm by Paul

Since its design and launch in 2003 the software application Skype has completely changed the way we speak to friends, family members and business contacts over the world. With free PC to PC voice and video calls and cheap PC to landline calls it quickly emerged as a really convenient and cost effective way to stay in touch. Skype will be hoping downtime and outages are a thing of the past and there was no mention of past troubles today.

The Skype presentation at CES 2011 has just ended and here are the highlights.

On facts and stats, the company’s new CEO, Tony Bates, gave us some pretty amazing figures. It seems that the new version of the program got 4 million downloads in the first day and that Skype sees 520 million voice minutes daily. According to the CEO, Skype makes up a quarter of the world’s international calling minutes, which is a staggering percentage.

An announcement which had been known about beforehand was the fact that they are going to add Skype onto the Sony Bravia and Vizio Via televisions. It will also be on Sony and Panasonic Blu-ray players soon.

Of course, the news we were all waiting on was regarding getting a video calling app onto iPhones. There have been plenty of rumours and “leaks” around in the last few months which meant that the announcement of this innovation was a certainty in the presentation.

Then of course they went and spoiled the intrigue by releasing the updated version of their application right at the end of last year. This means that right now you can make video calls on your iPhone or iPad Touch. Mr Bates explained during the conference the importance of the mobile network to their plans and the only question is why they didn’t wait another week to make it available amid a greater degree of fanfare.

Now that Skype is available to users in some different ways surely their market shares is only going to keep going up. Where will it all end? And will Skype end up completely dominating global communications?

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