skype goes unlimited, but its not quite unlimited, is it?

Posted on Apr 23 2008 - 3:40pm by Paul

Skype have updated its suite of subscription price plans to include unlimited options. Prices range from US$2.95 to $9.95/mo, depending on what part of the world you fancy chatting too. Using its voice over IP service.

The top dollar package offers users unlimited VoIP calls to land lines in 34 countries worldwide, including europe. The plans work with the company’s desktop client and with Skype Mobile clients. You can still call other skype users completley free via internet, that won’t change.

skype have a fair usage policy you’ll get up to 10,000 calling minutes per month. So what this translates to is “skype offers 10,000 mins per month package”. rather than unlimited. However 10,000 minutes is sufficent call time for most people so i’m going to drop it.

One more thing, skype doesn’t have 999 or 911 so if you find yourself in a sticky situation you’ll need to use morse code… or your mobile.

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