Skype Is Being Used As A Business Tool After All

Posted on May 21 2009 - 2:17am by Richard Sharp

Skype For BusinessIf you’ve ever used Skype at home then you’ll undoubtedly be aware of the many benefits that it offers users. Primarily, the cost reduction of making calls to other Skype users is incredibly impressive and although we are slightly more limited in our options here in the UK than those in the USA there are a few call plans and services that utilise the service further to optimise your call times and spends and save you yet more money on calls.

For business, the biggest worry has always been that employees would be more likely to use the Skype service for personal calls and many organisations have yet to utilise the Skype call service because they believe it to be more of an individual consumer product. However, a recent survey and analysis by the company has shown that 35% of all Skype users use the service to make business calls rather than personal calls. This means that businesses may now be more inclined to use the service to reduce their own call costs.

Another major issue for businesses has been the question of security. Theoretically, it is possible for Skype to listen in to the calls being made although Skype obviously does its best to refute that claim. While these concerns are certainly well voiced and not without their justification (it is possible, although unlikely that it occurs) the benefits to business of using Skype and other messaging services is also very real. It’s likely that this news will help bump business use of an already increasingly popular service.

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