SkyQ Box Expected to be Revealed Soon

Posted on Jul 27 2015 - 11:21pm by Robert

The long awaited Sky 4k box is expected to be with us soon, with recent reports suggesting that it will go by the name of SkyQ

The recent arrival of the BT Ultra HD box started the rumour mill going, with suggestions that Sky would bring out their own HD box. This is expected to provide some major enhancements on the existing Sky HD+ box.

It is also rumoured that it will give the same ability as EE TV to share programmes across a variety of devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This will allow families to watch their favourite TV shows on a number of different gadgets as it suits them.

Watch or Record 4 Things at Once


The new box from Sky is also said to allow viewers to either watch or record 4 different programmes at the same time. This will help families to avoid those typical arguments over what to watch when there are a few good things on at the same time.

Overall, it is expected the main feature pushed by Sky on their SkyQ box will be the 4k football it offers. This sounds like a really exciting breakthrough and the chance to watch top class Premier League games in amazing 4k quality.

As for the BT Ultra HD box, this is now being sold online. However, it is heavily dependent upon YouView, while Sky box is believed to offer a customised approach that will give viewers a Netflix style of navigation that will make it easy to use from the start.

Do you like the sound of the Sky box or the BT box better?

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