Smart Socks Have Arrived But Don’t Worry; They’re Washable

Posted on Jun 28 2013 - 10:00am by Thomas Sharp
  • With smart technology being added into so many different things these days it was only a matter of time before someone starting messing with our blooming socks.

The people behind this new idea are from the US and the firm is called Heapsylon. The great thing about these smart socks is that they err, well, basically they help you monitor your balance and way of walking. Now, you may not have realised that your balance was an issue you needed to keep more of an eye on but these socks are here to tell you differently.

They can be used when walking or running and we guess that you can dance with them on as well. The co-founders of Heapsylon come from a background in Xbox and health software with Microsoft.

Information Passed to a Phone or PC

socksIt seems that the socks – which are called Sensoria socks in case you are wondering – use built in sensors to work out the pressure applied by their owner’s feet. This information is collated on an ankle band and passed via Bluetooth to either a phone or PC with the corresponding software on it.

This means that the person using the clever footwear can take advantage of real time feedback which would let them modify the way they are walking or running. An even more useful sounding benefit is that of monitoring diabetic foot ulcers, while they could also help carers get a warning if an elderly patient loses their balance.

The good news for the rest of the world is that these socks are washable but one issue which hasn’t been confirmed is whether these smart socks are clever enough to avoid getting lost every time they go into a washing machine.

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