Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger

Posted on Nov 10 2008 - 11:34am by David Gray

mob.jpgThere’s nothing worse than being stuck away from home, no mobile phone charger, no way of contacting your family or an important business client. Check out the latest solar powered mobile phone charger which is now faster and more compatible than any which are on the market at the moment. Not only will it recharge your mobile phone battery but it works with PDAs and even the latest iPods.

Slim enough to fit into your pocket this little baby comes with 9 adopters covering 99.9% of mobile phones, PDAs and iPods on the market. Not only will the charger work in sunlight but it also has a USB connection which allows you to recharge your battery in an instant from your home computer. The device is very simple to use, very quick and could literally save your life in an emergency.

The difference between this solar powered mobile phone charger and early versions on the market is the fact that this one has two solar panels ensuring that your battery is charged at twice the normal rate. When speed is of the essence there can be no better fallback than a solar powered mobile phone charger and one which only comes with a spare battery to fit most devices!

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