Red Zune 80 coming to stores soon

Posted on Apr 26 2008 - 1:25pm by Paul

Some of you may of noticed already, The Red Zune 80s are making their way into retail stores, Red Zune 80 will soon be available for purchase at retail stores. The Zune Red 80 has a 3.2″ LCD screen meaning for the Zune Red 80 has nearly double the screen size of the iPod equivilant.

Resolution for both units is 320×240 pixels. The new Zune pad is both a d-pad and a touch sensitive surface. New software allows the Zune to sync wirelessly with the PC. No dock is required to initiate sync, but transfers are much slower than USB 2.0 (about 6x slower).

Zune to Zune file sharing is still possible. for DRM Haters, One great thing about the new zune is the file transfer zune to zune, micrsoft have removed the 3 day restriction on shared tracks.

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