Some Sneaky Xbox Tricks

Posted on May 18 2011 - 5:36pm by Robert

So you already have a great time on your Xbox, but what if you could squeeze even more entertainment out of it? Have a look at these tricks and tips to see if something interests you.

Play your own music during games.

Even in non 360 games you can get your own music to play during a game. Put the music on before the game is loaded and it will carry on as you play. This is a good way to add atmosphere or simply to have a laugh by playing something completely inappropriate.

Two screens at once.

If you have one of the models that comes with a component/composite dual video cable then you can get the rather cool trick of putting your images onto two television screens at the same time. Put the yellow composite cable in one telly and the red, green and blue component cables into the other. Now put it to Standard Definition and away you go with double the fun.

Set up music madness displays.

When music is playing press X and you’ll get lifted into the sort of crazy geometric world that always seems to make music sound better. You can then use the controllers to mess about with things.

Write an Xbox blog.

What, how and why? It’s actually very easy, as all you need to do is go to and set yourself up to get the machine to tell the world what you are playing these days.

Fix the Xbox 365 video setting.

If you switch from screen to screen and then need to reset the video setting on the Xbox you can do this by taking out any discs and switching the console off. Then you switch it on with a pad and hold down Y as it boots up. Hold down the right button and the video settings will revert to the original default ones.

Play your Xbox 360 online without paying.

You can do this using the XLink Kai app which goes on your network through your PC and lets you get stuck in to quality multiplayer games without spending a penny. Just try to avoid playing people who live too far away, as you will get kicked off if you do due to a Microsoft ping restriction on the network.

Remove media file restrictions.

The piece of software called Tversity can be added to your PC on your network and then be used to scan your media folders. This will let you watch any type of file and you can even watch YouTube movies on your Xbox this way too.


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