Sony Announces Google Internet TV Launch

Posted on Oct 13 2010 - 11:22am by Matt Jackson

Google is hoping that its Internet TV technology will really take off and propel the whole Internet TV potential and at an event yesterday, Sony announced the release of 4 Internet TVs and a Blu Ray player that all have Google’s Internet TV included in them.

The devices will be available in the US at the end of this month but unfortunately don’t look likely to be released in the UK until 2011 but they do  represent the first fully Internet enabled devices of their kind rather than the more limited options that have previously been available.

Prices in the US will range from the equivalent of £400 up to £900 and it’s the remote control that’s causing all the storm at the moment. Because the devices are fully Internet enabled it means that the remote needs basically the equivalent of a computer keyboard but stuffed into a tiny little form and that’s exactly what is being offered.

The design of the TVs is up to the usual high standard of Sony televisions, but the look of the remote is a whole different ball game. It looks more Spectrum than it does Sony and while there must have been some serious trade off between design and functionality we’re fairly sure they didn’t have to make them look quite this 1980s.

While a lot of the TV manufacturer fight lately has been about bringing out the best 3D and it looks as though the next stage will be about the first company to release a glasses free and affordable version of 3D TV, Internet TV looks to be another direction in which TV manufacture is going to head.

Sony has taken the award for first release but this is only the first stage in what could prove to be an epic and long term battle.

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