Sony announces second-gen Google TV devices

Posted on Jan 11 2012 - 11:58am by Julius

Last year, Sony Corp. was one of the first companies to offer their support for Android-based entertainment platform, the Google TV. Despite the reception it got from consumers, Sony still continues to support it today as it unveils a new Blu-ray player and a new standalone media player at the CES 2012 event.

Right now, no technical specs have been released for the two, but both the NSZ-GS7 media player and the NSZ-GP9 Blu-ray player looks great. Aside from its design, both devices will support 3D TVs and features voice and gesture control, in addition to its new remote control keyboard and Google apps.

Both models have support for content streaming from tablets and smartphones, and they have tighter integration with Sony Entertainment Network. Also, having been built on Google TV 2.0 with Android Market support, users will have access to apps like Netflix, Pandora and HBO Go.

“We’re excited about our strong partnership with Sony on Google TV” said Google TV’s Vice Presideng of Product Management Mario Queiroz. “Consumers have reacted very positively to the Google TV software update of last October, and we are looking forward to bringing new devices of different form factors to consumers in multiple countries in 2012.”

Queiroz said that both the NSZ-GP9 Blu-ray disc player and the NSZ-GS7 Network Media player devices will have a North American, European and UK release dates of “early summer 2012.”


via: Tech Radar

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