Sony Announces ZX1 – World’s Thinnest TV

Posted on Aug 31 2008 - 1:36am by Richard Sharp

Sony ZX1 - World's Thinnest LaptopIt seems that every piece of home entertainment kit released is a world’s first, world’s most, or world’s least something or other and Sony’s newly announced ZX1 is following that trend by boasting the label of world’s thinnest TV monitor. The size zero beauty measures in at an impressively thin 9.9mm (that’s right, less than 10mm) and it has a couple of features to boot.

The TV is illuminated using LCD around its edges. In order to achieve the waif like appearance of Kate Moss much of the technical wizardry is housed in a separate box, which then connects to the monitor. Happily, the box connects wirelessly so you can secrete it about any fairly local region, should you so desire.

All the wires from your other devices will connect to the media box (that’s the extra bit, you can’t see) so there’s no god awful tangle behind the TV collecting dust and plotting to overthrow mankind. A total of four HDMI sockets (three on the bonus box and one on the back of the TV) and because the remote works via radio frequency rather than infrared it won’t need to be in direct or even indirect sight of the box.

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