Sony giving away free PS Vita dev kits to indie developers

Posted on Aug 2 2011 - 12:54pm by Julius

A few weeks back, Sony Computer Entertainment head Shuhei Yoshida said that support for indie game developers is becoming the company’s key focus. The company then pledged a whopping $20 million to have independent games on the PlayStation Network.

Independent game development has been one of the biggest drivers behind the success of Steam and iOS gaming, and it seems as if the company is hoping for the same with their new handheld gaming platform, the PlayStation Vita.

It was reported that Sony is loaning PS Vita development kits to indie developers for free.

In an interview with Gamastura, Paul Johnson, managing director of Rubicon, said, “On the basis that you can’t put the cat back in the bag, I can confirm that Sony was generous enough to loan us some kit, and that’s one of the many reasons why I big them up every opportunity I get.”

“They really do seem to have gotten behind smaller developers, based on my own experience and from talking with other small devs, and I think they should be saluted for it,” he added.

Rubicon has been provided with four dev kits to enable them to create an “upgraded” version of its iOS app Great Little War Game for the handheld console.

At this year’s E3, indie developer Jonathan Mark has displayed his game Sound Shapes for the PlayStation Vita, which suggests that he also received dev kits from Sony.

It was reported that the Sony PlayStation Vita handheld gaming console will be launched in the UK on October 28th.

Should Sony open the floor to more Indie developers?

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