Sony launches the PlayStation Vita in Japan

Posted on Dec 20 2011 - 4:08am by Julius

Japanese electronics giant Sony held the launch of its latest handheld console, the Sony PlayStation Vita, in Japan on Saturday, as the company looks to take on the growing smartphone gaming market.

Gamers and fans flocked to stores to get their hands on the device, which is the most powerful handeld gaming console yet. The PS Vita features a 5-inch LED touch screen display, front and rear cameras and a GPS receiver. The console comes in Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi and 3G models.

Official figures of the PS Vita’s sales are yet to be released, but store owners are saying that day one sales have been successful, most stores claiming that the device have been sold out.

“A number of the devices are already sold out, most customers had reserved them in advance,” said one salesman in Akihabara. “The first customers are mostly men between 20 and 30 years of age,” he said, adding that the 20 games available to play on the PS Vita were also geared towards the same demographic.”

The launch of the PS Vita will heat up competition with Nintendo’s 3DS. With the continued growth of smartphone games, Nintendo’s 3DS had very disappointing sales, with critics saying that it lacks interesting games. Within six months, Nintendo ended up decreasing prices for the 3DS.

The PS Vita will be launched in Europe and North America next year, on February 22.


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