Sony PlayStation3 Slim

Posted on Aug 21 2009 - 2:32am by Richard Sharp

ps3 slim

After weeks of speculation and rumour Sony unveil the PlayStation 3 slim at the GamesCom convention in Cologne Germany, as well as price cuts on the 80gb and 160gb models released in 2006 and software upgrades across the board. 

The new PS3 Slim boasts the same features as the previous generation as well as a 120gb hard drive and an ultra slim ultra sleek ultra sexy design. 

Less is definitely more when it come to the slim, size is reduced by 33%, weight reduced by 36% and power usage by 34% as well as a very competitive and recession reflective retail price of £249. 

To allow for the significant size and weight loss the PS3’s internals have undergone a rigorous reshuffle. Semiconductor, power unit, cooling mechanism if it’s in there it has moved to a more space efficient location creating scope for the external redesign. 

The alterations are predominately aesthetic. Although the new unit consumes less power and space, the overall performance and function of the Slim is the same as previous model it just comes in a prettier package. Personally I feel it is a worthy evolution of a good brand. 

Following the new release Sony promise an array of further software titles to follow in time for this Christmas, and aim to offer a further diversified line of hardware. 

Due to hit stores September 1st the new slender Slim is a must have for the gaming enthusiast with an eye for design.

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