Sony previews 3D digital cameras

Posted on Jun 3 2010 - 10:23am by simon

A series of standalone digital cameras which can capture still images in 3D have been created by Sony, which is hoping to ride the wave of consumer interest surrounding upcoming 3D TV and gaming systems.

The Alpha range of cameras is not heading straight for the professional market, as serious SLR lovers will probably have a hard time accepting that 3D photography is the way forward. Instead Sony has made sure these devices are compact enough to appeal to a mainstream audience.

The Alpha cameras will have interchangeable lenses and on-board software that is capable of adding the 3D effect. This is because the stereoscopic technique used by filmmakers requires two cameras essentially melded together and such a technique is not really convenient for a pocket-sized digital camera.

The Sony Alpha range will work in tandem with the 3D Photo Viewer from Nvidia, allowing for the 3D effects to be added retrospectively to the images.

The majority of people will have been exposed to the incoming 3D technology relating to TV and filmmaking, but the Alpha range is Sony’s attempt to get people talking about 3D still photography. This announcement comes hot on the heels of its rival Sharp revealing that it had been working on a 3D camera that could be attached to mobile devices, such as smartphones.

Adding depth to still images could reinvigorate the stand-alone camera market and with Sony working on a range that appears to offer this functionality with a user friendly approach, many cameras could soon come with a 3D function as standard.

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