Sony Reaches Funding Target for Shenmue 3 in Hours

Posted on Jun 18 2015 - 5:41pm by Robert

One of the latest Kickstarter campaigns has proved to be massively successful, with Sony reaching its funding target in just a few hours.

The campaign is for the Shenmue 3 game and the crowd funding target was set at $2 million (£1.3 million). The start of the campaign was counted down on the stage during a Sony presentation at the E3 event. The same event also saw news about the upcoming release of The Last Guardian revealed.

The first generations of the Shenmue game were hugely popular and are highly rated by many games. Shenmue 2 was released 14 years, so we have been waiting a long time for the new version.

The Fastest Game to Reach a Million Dollars


By smashing its way to the target figure in just 9 hours, Shenmue 3 became the fastest game to get to the million dollar and two million dollar mark. It is an open world action game and creator Yu Suzuki was on stage at E3 take about his plans. He said that the decision to go with crowd funding will allow players more of a role in bringing it to life.

It came as a big surprise to many in the industry to hear that The Last Guardian is close to a release date. This long awaited game has been in the development stage for close to a decade. It is being made by the team behind Shadow of the Colossus. The general idea is that the gamer controls a boy who befriends a large bird/at hybrid and must escape from a castle with the creature.

Do you like the sound of Shenmue 3 or are you more interested in The Last Guardian?

image courtesy of Kickstarter

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