Sony Releases Two New Blu Ray Players

Posted on Aug 1 2008 - 11:16pm by Richard Sharp

New Sony Blu Ray PlayersSony is finally releasing another couple of Blue blur ray players to add to the far from extensive line currently on offer. The BDP-S350 and BDP-S550 have been promised for the last six months or so but nothing concrete has materialised until now, although they do look like they should be pretty reasonable machines once they are with us.

The S350 comes as BD Live Ready but does include BonusView and Precision Drive HD. The S550 isn’t just BD Live Ready but will include BD Live already installed and will also feature a 1GB drive for storing the content you do download. Both machines can upscale standard definition content to 1080p standard although obviously this will not create the same quality as watching a Blu Ray drive.

There’s a much larger number of films available in the blu-ray format now, largely since the HD DVD format was scrapped after losing the high definition DVD war. While it would be reasonable to say that there has been a distinct lack of options for the interested buyer besides buying a PS3, it does look like a few manufacturers are finally beginning to get their act together.

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