Sony rolls out 3D gaming support with PS3 update

Posted on Apr 23 2010 - 9:40am by simon

A new version of the PlayStation 3’s firmware has been launched in the US and according to the details it is the first to bring support for 3D gaming to the home console.

The PS3 3.30 System Software Update, as it is officially known, adds a few new features, but most importantly it is intended to prepare the PS3 for 3D video games in the future, although for the time being it will not actually allow for 3D action.

The update is notable for missing out on support for 3D Blu-Ray playback, which had been promised initially, so people with a desire to get their movies in 3D are not going to be catered to quite as yet.

Sony has confirmed that the PS3 will be ready for 3D games in time for the launch of its first batch of 3D TVs, which should be coming in the next few months.

As well as getting the PS3 ready for 3D support, the firmware update now lets gamers organise their trophies and achievements in a variety of different ways, including by the date upon which they were attained.

A variety of games have already been produced with 3D stereoscopic gaming in mind, including Batman: Arkham Asylum.

PS3 owners who complained when the previous version of the firmware got rid of the option to install an alternative operating system on the console are not going to find any solace in this new release, as Sony has stuck to its guns and kept Linux and any other software away from its big black box.

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