Sony Rolly – The Dancing Mp3 Player

Posted on May 21 2008 - 1:26pm by Richard Sharp

Sony Rolly - MP3 Player And Embarassing DancerSony has taken a somewhat unusual step in its creation of mp3 players. Some may feel that the Rolly is a little gimmicky, to put it mildly, and others will undoubtedly complain at the current $400 (£200) price tag but it is certainly unique and, it has to be said, pretty cool.

The mobile mp3 disco is an mp3 player. It offers 1GB of flash memory and offers dual 20mm speakers mounted on either end. It’s hardly pioneering in its player capaibilities, but that’s not where the design is unique.

The Rolly is also an mp3 enjoyer or a mobile dancer and operates according to movement rather than the traditional and oh so drab method of using buttons. Flick it in one direction and you turn the volume up, flick it in another and it will start to dance.

The Rolly has LCD lights and can be programmed to dance to any music. Arms, shoulders, and wheels combine to give a floor show the likes of which you’ve only ever seen at family weddings. It is unique and certainly fun, but it carries with it an equally impressive $400 price tag (it was just released in the US).

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