Sony X Series a serious threat to Apple’s iPod?

Posted on May 13 2009 - 8:37pm by Richard Sharp

Sony has just released their much awaited Walkman X Series mp3 player, the details of which were reported globally at the beginning of the year. The Sony X Series Walkman is clearly in the market to compete directly with the Apple iPod Touch, and Sony are clearly hopeful that the new X Series will allow them to regain their edge. Sony as we are all aware were once the leader in the field of music on the move, and the original Walkman was at the forefront of the technology and was considered very much to be the ‘must have’ iconic personal music player.

Times have clearly changed and Apple are now very much the market leader but Sony have not given up the fight to regain their crown. The Walkman X Series mp3 player is available in 16GB and 32GB versions and prices are £209 and £279 respectively. The price is key here as the new X Series is cheaper than an Apple iPod Touch of a similar size, however it may not be enough of a price difference to steal the thunder away from Apple.

The Walkman X Series 16GB mp3 player model NWZ-X1050 sports a 3” OLED Touchscreen and will provide storage of 4,000 songs or 60 hours of video. There is a special built-in noise cancelling technology to enhance the sound quality plus it is Wi-Fi enabled to allow access to the internet when in a hotspot. The Walkman X Series 16GB mp3 player model NWZ-X1060 delivers all the above but will provide a much greater storage of music with up to 8,000 songs and 120 hours of video being able to be saved.

Sony describes their latest Walkman baby as a ‘portable premium entertainment device’, which is an elongated way of saying their best mp3 player, we wonder however if Sony’s best is good enough to make any kind of impact on the Apple phenomenon.

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