Sony X Series MP3 Player Released Today

Posted on May 13 2009 - 3:22am by Richard Sharp

Sony X Series Released TodayThe Sony X Series Walkman, the latest in what is becoming a reasonably long line of touch screen MP3 players, is released in stores today and on the face of it everything looks pretty good. It offers the functionality to, as we’ve come to expect from such devices, listen to music, view pictures, and watch video clips. However, Sony has opted to offer OLED screen and has digital noise cancelling technology as standard and includes an FM radio (for the majority that’s not likely to be a deciding factor, but for others it will ensure that the Sony stands out above the iPod Touch).

The OLED screen is an impressive addition and it will make video clips and high resolution pictures all the better to look at. What’s more, it boasts considerably less power usage and Sony even claim that you will be able to enjoy up to 50% more video playback when compared to the same device without an OLED screen.

The other big boast from the Sony X Series is that it offers noise cancelling technology. Sony mp3 players and audio devices generally pack an impressive audio sound as it is, but this added feature which claims to reduce up to 96% of background noise improves things even further. And while the FM tuner may not be a major selling point to all of us, it will almost certainly be popular with those of us that enjoy listening to the news, weather, and sports while we’re on the move. And, let’s face it, for the minimal cost and effort that it actually takes to add one, Sony has probably made the right move.

Available from pretty much all stores, the 16GB version of the X Series will cost a shade over £200 while the whopping 32GB version will be nearer £270.

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