Space Shuttle Honeymoon A Reality in a Personal Pod

Posted on Nov 9 2010 - 10:49pm by Richard Sharp

Can you imagine taking your honeymoon in space? Some say this is the most romantic getaway a couple could have, one where they are completely alone in the world – well in space actually. This whacky concept may be closer to reality than you think, commercial space travel is well on its way but this concept has an amazing twist.

The space shuttle can carry five independent pods, designed for comfortable orbit for two people. Once in orbit the pods detach from the shuttle to begin an independent space orbit of planet earth on their own. Obviously there are a few important aspects to think over – mainly how would the pods re-enter earths atmosphere or be re-collected by the shuttle.

The ‘honeymoon’ or ‘horny-moon’ as written on the concept drawings is the brain child of Yelken Octuri – an interior designer for Airbus. He clearly has a great idea even though the shape and name are a bit tongue in cheek.

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Is this your idea of the perfect honeymoon and will it ever actually happen?

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