Squeezee toilet paper dispenser

Posted on Nov 6 2008 - 3:51pm by David Gray

Squeezee_Toilet_Paper_Dispenser_A_P.jpgCheck out latest in toilet paper holders with the new Squeezee toilet paper dispenser range of fun and different ways to dispense old-fashioned toilet paper and do away with those annoying toilet paper holders on the wall. Designed to incorporate standard sized toilet paper rolls, the so-called Squeezees come in a variety of different formats from the glue tube to the toothpaste dispenser.

You can also use them as your very own tissue dispenser for outside of the bathroom and do away with those bulky tissue boxes which can spoil the look of your living room. Simply slip the toilet roll into the holder, pull out the first sheet of paper and you literally have your own personal dispenser with a very different look!

This is a completely new design for the standard toilet roll holder and they are all water resistant and can be used in the bathroom or kitchen. If you are looking at something different, something fun and something that will catch the attention of your visitors then look no further than the Squeezee toilet paper dispenser.

The trick to any successful gizmo and gadget is to make it fashionable, fun and practical something which the Squeezee toilet paper dispenser range does in abundance.

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