Star Wars Ice Trays Bring R2D2 and Han Solo to a Drink Near You

Posted on May 27 2011 - 6:36pm by Richard Sharp

This month has been filled with star wars gadgets, which makes sense seeing as it started with Star Wars Day. Today we have discovered these cool ice cube tray moulds by way of the fabulous girlies at chip chick. They come in two varieties which both offer two sizes of ice deepening on the size of your drink.

The Han Solo ice tray is designed to reenact that moment when Darth Vader orders Han to be frozen in carbonite in readiness for transportation. The tray makes six small blocks of Han shaped ice and one larger block which presumably is more for show that use. The intricate detailing of the mould will wow any Star Wars loving mates that visit your house.

The R2D2 ice tray follows a similar trend offering immense detailing, both are made from durable silicone so popping out the ice shapes should be simple whilst the mould will remain undamaged and ready to use for lightyears to come.

Get yours now from forbidden planet for £8.99

Which one would you go for?

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