Star Wars Trilogy Blu Ray Release Date Confirmed

Posted on May 4 2011 - 11:35pm by Robert

May the 4th, dubbed Star Wars day has provided a few techie based news snippets but the most talked about has undoubtedly been the confirmation of the original trilogy coming out on blu ray in September. Fans were expecting something else but had to make do with an announcement based on a bumper set of Blu Rays.

The official September 12th release date will hail a nine disk box set which will comprise of the three films that made up the Star Wars Saga and a whole heap of bonus material.

The extra behind the scenes footage equates to an impressive 40 hours taken directly from the Lucas Arts digital archive. This will include a variety of deleted and alternative scenes that we are sure will cause a few shocks and provide much excitement amongst life long starwars fans.

Another surprise feature is the inclusion of all the spoofs and spin offs that have cropped up over the years which should be good for a laugh. Both the films and the bonus footage will be presented in full HD with 6.1 digital surround sound providing the best possible viewing experience.

Are you looking forward to Star Wars on Blu Ray? Oh and may the 4th be with you.

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