SteriPEN UV water purifier

Posted on Oct 17 2008 - 4:33pm by David Gray

steripen.jpgWhile we have covered some weird and wonderful gadgets on the site there can be few as useful and practical as the SteriPEN UV water purifier. Whether you are trekking through the jungles of the Amazon or down at you local river and need a drink, the SteriPEN UV water purifier will ensure that your water is clear of all germs and bacteria. Even though we joke about treks to the Amazon this is a simple to use and very small gadget which you could slip into your pocket for your next trip overseas.

For those a little wary about using the SteriPEN UV water purifier it is interesting to note that this Ultra Violet (UV) system has been used in UK hospitals for nearly 100 years. It is not new, it is not exactly revolutionary but the SteriPEN UV water purifier delivery system is the reason why it will prove useful to so many more people.

Simply fill up a glass of ‘water’ and stick the SteriPEN UV water purifier into the water where an array of LEDs will let you know if there is bacteria present and when it has been killed off. Can you imagine not having to worry about the standard of water on your next trip overseas?

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