Steve Jobs Biography to Hit the Bookshelves

Posted on Apr 11 2011 - 10:43pm by Richard Sharp

What would you call a book about Steve Jobs?

If you came up with iSteve: The Book of Jobs then give yourself a pat on the back, because that’s exactly the name which has been chosen for the book due out next year about the Apple boss.

The Book of Jobs is being written by the ex boss of CNN Walter Isaacson and will join the plethora of unofficial Jobs related books which are already out there. The iSteve book will need to pass official approval from Jobs so we can expect a pretty flattering portrait of the man himself.

It seems as though the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft will feature heavily in the early chapters and we expect that the head Apple will be using some of his spare time during his current medical leave to get ahead with the book.

There has already been a book out by Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak which is called iWoz and it will be interesting to see how similar their versions of the firm’s history turn out to be.

A few years ago the idea of a book about the head of a technology firm might have seemed the most boring thing possible but the huge attention attracted nowadays by the industry means that iSteve is sure to be eagerly anticipated and we expect to see juicy bits of gossip drip fed to us in the months leading up to the official publishing date.

Are you interested in a book about Steve Jobs or would you rather that technology bosses remained as faceless boffins behind the scenes?

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