Street Spark Dating Uses Facebook and Twitter to Match People

Posted on Feb 17 2011 - 5:32pm by Richard Sharp

As February is the month of love we were interested to hear about the new dating service from which aims to offer matchmaking with a twist. They say that their service gives people an easier way to connect with people in the ‘real world’ utilising information from social networking platforms.

The team over at street spark have tapped into the wildly popular social network scene to match people based on their interests, lifestyle choices and activities using information sourced directly from Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Users can download the app for the iPhone to start instantly building a profile on the fly that will subsequently be matched with others.

So long as you don’t mind street spark accessing your social profiles no actual set up is required (apart from adding your usernames and passwords), a bonus and marvellous use of modern technology. Basically if a match is made (you watched the same film, visited the same place, like the same music etc) users are both sent ‘sparks’, they will then be able to view a limited profile of the match which they can choose to ‘ignite’ to explore more or ‘extinguish’ never to be seen again. Both users have to ignite for the connection to be made.

Once the match is made users can chat with each other over the app then if all goes well meet up face to face. do offer substantial advice on their site and offer warnings about meeting up, we suppose they have to cover their backs. Some might say that this type of dating should be avoided whilst others will argue that it will actually give a better indication of person before a match is made, it’s surprising what shows up on people’s social profiles and it’s very hard to fake unlike the traditional dating site where users input all their own information.

Street spark seems like the social way to meet new people. Is social dating the way forward?

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