Stronghold Kingdoms game lets you put castles on the map

Posted on Jun 1 2009 - 8:39pm by Richard Sharp

Stronghold KingdomStronghold Kingdoms is a new historical / strategy genre role play, web /PC game which will hopefully be released by Firefly Studios very soon. Billed as the ‘world’s first castle based MMO’, Stronghold Kingdoms features warring factions, trading, building, farming, exploring and researching and every kind of activity associated with a working medieval village world.

The Stronghold Kingdoms game is an exciting mix of historical medieval drama intertwined with a skill game where personal achievement against thousands of other players can bring extraordinary things. For example the undeniable kudos that a player who does do well, will earn the respect of other players when they achieve the ultimate and become a King – if of course they are successful in their quest.

Players will commence the game as lowly peasants and through skill will move on through the game, earning research points along the way with every success. Achievements can be large or small, and areas of expertise might be in warfare, farming or maybe even diplomacy. Players can eventually plan the design and the layout of villages, build castles, explore and join in wars participating in exciting battles to conquer villages and enjoy lots of pillaging.

The company behind the new game are funding the development of Stronghold Kingdoms themselves, and the game designer Simon Bradbury is living his dream, as in the press release about Stronghold Kingdoms he says ‘Stronghold Kingdoms is the game I’ve always wanted to play, ever since I was a boy staring up at castles!’. It’s nearly time to let your dreams come true with the adventure of a lifetime playing Stronghold Kingdoms, that is of course if Firefly Studios can find a publisher!

A recent post on the Knights of Alliance forum has one member stating that the new Stronghold Kingdoms game looks like it ‘is Kings Age on steroids’. So if you are familiar with Kings Age and have enjoyed it then you will no doubt be very excited about the prospect of the latest offering from Firefly Studios when / if it is eventually released.

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