Stuck Up Chewing Gum Magnets

Posted on Jul 19 2008 - 10:49pm by Richard Sharp

Stuck Up MagnetsIs there any substance in the world that has the same elasticity and adhesive qualities as chewed gum? Get it in your hair and it’ll never come out without the assistance of scissors, and get it on your shoe and you’ll be more likely to leave your shoe behind that the piece of bubble gum. And yet, there’s something socially irrepressible about using chewed up gum as a viable adhesive, but there’s a solution to hand.

Stuck Up magnets, as they are called, look the spitting image of chewed up bits of gum and, as long as your intended surface is metal, they’re equally as effective at sticking but devoid of any of the negative side effects. Each of the four colours or flavours, which include gum, spearmint, peppermint, and tutti frutti, really do look realistic – in fact you can also smell the Wrigley’s goodness just looking at the picture can’t you?

The teeth prints add a little extra to the design, we think, while the high powered magnet that is enveloped by the seemingly realistic gum will easily stick to your fridges and other white goods as well as your lockers (should you still be attending school) and any other metal item.

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