Study reveals UK prefer to use mobile phones over landline

Posted on Jul 8 2011 - 4:34pm by Robert

Phone manufacturer and designer Burnside Telecom has revealed today that people from the UK are split when it comes to the usage of mobile phones and landline. The survey, which had 3000 UK respondents, found that 52 percent of consumers would choose to use their mobile phones and leave their landlines for good, leaving 47 percent of respondents to not give up their landlines. Seventy three percent of the respondents are aged 65 and above. The study shows that despite more and more people are now relying on their mobile phones, there are still “traditionalists” who still remain reliant on their landlines.

The research also shows that 40 percent of consumers like the landline’s non reliance on battery supply their top priority, followed by signal strength at 39 percent. It also shows that 20 percent of consumers want the mobile phone’s portability, which is popular with consumers 18-24 years old. The company believes that this is because mobile phones are designed for SMS, web browsing and email.

The company said that using both mobile phones and landlines is necessary to provide solutions. A Fixed Cellular Terminal (FCT) can be used to connect a telephone system to the GSM wireless network in order to provide a central point to make calls, send SMS and connect to the internet. The FCT technology has been existing for some time now, but Burnside Telecom made it easier to install and use.

Burnside Telecom’s Chief Executive Officer Colin Aitken said, “This research emphasizes the continuing pace of evolution and increasing move away from copper and fixed line communications to mobile networks. Burnside Telecom is committed to a range of product and service development to delivery new solutions in numerous sectors including retail, telecare, construction, marine and transport environments.”

Which do you prefer, mobile or landline?

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