Style And Features From The LG Secret

Posted on Apr 26 2008 - 2:55am by Richard Sharp

LG SecretLG took a giant leap in the mobile phone industry with the releases of the LG Chocolate and the LG Shine. As of the 24th

April (Europe release date – America and Asia to follow), they’ve taken their third step with the release of what is the slimmest, and arguably best looking, 5 Megapixel camera phone available in Europe.

The LG Secret offers the same level of design as its black label predecessors but packs in even more features. The carbon fibre body is not only designed to look good but also ensures that your mobile phone looks as good after several months as it did on day one. Even the LCD uses tempered glass to provide a ruggedness and hardiness not always associated with mobile phones.

120 frames per second of DivX video combines with the impressive 5 Megapixel camera and a plethora of high specification features to give a powerful mobile experience. The Touch Screen design is, in all probability, an attempt to cash in on the unparalleled success of the Apple iPhone but that’s not a reason to complain so long as it works properly – and all early indications show that it does just that.

LG have really stepped up to the plate recently as a serious mobile phone manufacturer, and the Secret is certain to carry on this lineage of high quality and good looking phones.

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