Summer Gadgets 2010

Posted on Jun 13 2010 - 9:45pm by Richard Sharp

The summer is beginning to provide everyone with some much needed sunshine and the industrious gadget makers have once again come up with a range of products that blend practicality and fun. Here are just ten of the best summer gadgets that are available this year.

BBQ Speakers
Having some tunes on whilst you are cooking up a storm on the BBQ is something which is enjoyed by many people, but you may well be sick of putting up with the tinny sound quality of a battery powered radio. For excellent audio quality, wireless convenience and cool industrial design the BBQ Speakers are the best choice. They come with a small remote control too and they are also able to resist water, which means they will not be damaged in a little summer rain shower.

Subbuteo Giant Inflatable Pitch – Buy from firebox
If you have kids and you are tired of balls going over into next door’s garden then this enormous inflatable toy is probably a worthwhile purchase if you can stomach the price tag and have strong lungs. Once fully inflated it creates an enclosed playing area which is 20 feet long and 12 feet wide and the 2010 World Cup is sure to inspire some serious footballing passion amongst the youngsters this summer.

X-Zylo Launcher £6.80 – buy now
Developed by the Science Museum, this low cost outdoor toy will launch the X-Zylo nearly 50 metres. It has special gyroscopic technology to make sure that it flies straight and true and it is simple enough to be used by children of three years and older, although with plenty of running around involved it is likely to tire out people of all ages.

Super Soaker Artic Blast | Buy now for £12.99
Water pistols are a summer staple and the Super Soaker brand is associated with top quality soaking power. The Artic Blast is a compact but powerful pistol that sprays water in jets, with pressure created thanks to the pump action handle mounted on the back. The only thing that can match up to this is a garden hose and that would be cheating in any case.

Muji Travel Adaptor
The traveller’s best friend this summer is sure to be the Muji Travel Adaptor. Even if you are going on a global journey it is sure to let you plug in your UK electrical goods at your various destinations as it is compatible with sockets from over 150 different nations. It is small enough to slip into any bag and it also works back home in the UK, so if you want to buy gadgets when you are overseas you will still be able to use them on your return journey.

AquaPac Waterproof Bags
When you are outdoors with your gadgets it can be easy to get them wet or dirty if they are not properly protected. The AquaPac bags make sure that gadgets of all sizes are kept out of harm’s way and you can choose different types to cater to different products, including Apple iPods and full sized digital SLR cameras. The manufacturer suggests that there are a number of uses for the bags and aside from travelling, they will come in handy at music festivals.

Flip Ultra HD | Buy now
The Flip range of portable camcorders has been growing and improving since the first model was introduced and now the Ultra HD is here, with 8GB of internal memory to fill up with high definition video clips. These are designed for shooting whenever and wherever you want, so the controls are simplified but the quality is still good and you can connect it to your PC for transfer or playback on an HDTV using the HDMI output.

Cool-er eBook Reader
People who are spending more than four, five or six hundred pounds on an Apple iPad will probably kick themselves when they realise that the Cool-er eBook Reader can outperform the iPad as a portable book reader and costs a fraction of the price. Although it does not have any of the other iPad-like functions, it can store thousands of books and travel with you without needing to recharge its battery every five minutes.

Mio Navman Spirit TV | Buy now with free delivery
This is not like most sat navs on the market, because it includes an integrated TV tuner which lets you watch all of the Freeview channels on its seven inch colour screen. The display is touch sensitive and it can also playback music and films that you load onto it yourself, which means it is a great portable entertainment system for camping and road trips.

LiveLuggage Suitcase
This clever suitcase will detect when you are having difficulty pulling all of your luggage along and cause the integrated motor to kick in and offer assistance. On top of this it has a removable umbrella and a chip that tells you where it is located, making lost luggage a thing of the past.

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