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Posted on Jun 7 2009 - 8:56pm by Richard Sharp

After two years of wet and miserable weather, 2009 is odds on (finally) for a ‘barbecue’ Summer! This ray of sunshine, brought to us by the all-knowing Met Office, promises temperatures above 30°C and dry, warm weather.

As the temperature heats up, everyone turns their attention to their gardens. Suddenly, sales of patio furniture, crazy paving and decking, go through the roof. And, as is human nature, when the barbecue invitations start rolling in, friends and neighbours try to ‘out do’ each other with the best garden. Who has the biggest trampoline, who has the most expensive barbecue, who has the most stylish garden furniture, etc… But, if you want to achieve a garden that is full of the latest and coolest Summer outdoor toys and gadgets, to really show your neighbours who has their fingers on the pulse, then read on, because right here, we have all the information you may need to know what’s hot, and what’s not, for Summer 2009.

First off, create some ambiance with some really cool garden lighting. Choose from, Biodegradable Sky Lanterns – that float majestically up into the sky, or for a touch of magic – Solar Powered Fairy Lights, eco-friendly Mathmos Wind Lights, or even a sunshine collecting Sun Jar. All these amazing lighting gadgets will really make your neighbours feel like they have been left in the dark, whilst you bask in the spotlight!



With the promise of a barbecue Summer, you, of course, will need to be equipped with a barbecue. But you do not want any old barbecue! (and you certainly do not want one of those cheap disposable barbecues!). You want a Portable BBQ Grill, ideal for small gardens, camping, festivals, or even lending to your mates. Or, if you want more control over the heat (unfortunately not the weather), why not try the ultimate controllable Portable BBQ, why not try the Barbegrill. Not only will this infra-red baby brown your bangers, but it will also toast your bread and simmer your soup (alas, it cannot go to the fridge and get you another beer, but hey, you can’t have everything in life…).

Complement your BBQ’s, and add an element of fun, with a Condiment Gun. Never will you have more fun with some ketchup! Go on, shoot a load (of ketchup) all over your best friends banger, you know you want to! If you have a strict ‘no guns’ policy in your backyard, then why not try the Picnic Table Condiment Set instead? Or if you prefer to mark your meat, go for the BBQ Branding Iron.




Having sorted the lighting, barbecue and BBQ accessories, it is now time to turn your attention to the fun, games and outdoor toys. Entertain yourself and your guests for hours with a PicoZ Atlas toy micro chopper. You can guarantee that all your friends will be fighting over this great gizmo, and your mates will all want one of their own! You could fend them off with a Water-bomb Catapult. Why should kids have all the fun? Go on, embrace juvenility… double dare you to!

Fancy a game of Horsey Hoppers ? (horse themed space hoppers for adults and kids alike!), or perhaps you would like to try some Gnome Bowling? Or for a really ‘out of this world’ outdoor toy, why not put a spring in your step with some Anti-Gravity Boots?

If you want to really get your Summer party started, then why not try Limbo String? Great to work off those bangers and have a laugh (at everyone else’s expense!). If you have a spacious garden then why not invite all your friends round for a game of Giant Crazy Golf? Giant Crazy Golf is certainly a great way to ‘putt’ some fun in to your summer outdoor garden toys!

For those of you lucky enough to have a pool in your garden, then why not join in the latest water craze and add a Pool Predator? Pool Predators (giant inflatable white shark or crocodile) are sure to scare the hell out of your guests, especially when you let them fill up with water and squirt it all over them!

Purchase any (or all) of the above cool Summer outdoor toys and gadgets, and your Summer in 2009 is sure to be packed with fun, fun, fun! But, the Pièce de Résistance of 2009 Summer gadgets and toys has to be the Lazy Days Hammock! It is portable, and it can be erected in seconds, and it is so good, you will be tempted to sit on it all day. And, you do not need to hang it from a tree! The perfect way to wile away a Summer day!

All of these great gadgets are available from firebox and i want one of those. Visit both of these great sites below.

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