Supertramp Folding Rebounder

Posted on Nov 4 2008 - 12:48am by David Gray

Supertramp_Folding_Rebounder_A_P.jpgThe last few years have seen a new trend emerge in UK relating to the use of trampolines both in the home and outside of the home. While this new trend has incorporated both adults and children and fitness and fun many homes are struggling to cope with the size of some of these enormous trampolines. Step forward the Supertramp Folding Rebounder!

Whether you are looking for childish fun, serious keep fit or a mixture of the two the Supertramp Folding Rebounder offers everything you really need. It folds up into a useful carrier bag and can be used literally inside or outside of the home and erected at a moments notice. While a miniature version of the larger trampolines from the past they are more than useful for a one-person workout.

The trampoline itself is not designed for somersaults and it is vital that all children are supervised at all times to avoid injury. The beauty of the Supertramp Folding Rebounder is the fact that it is so compact, can be used in very small spaces and offers a very useful fitness option for many people. While they say size does not matter, in the case of the Supertramp Folding Rebounder small is more certainly beautiful.

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