Survey shows 3D TV is too expensive

Posted on Apr 1 2010 - 11:15am by simon

UK consumers will probably not be lining up to buy the first batch of 3D ready TVs when they arrive in the next few months, as a survey has found that just 1.4 per cent would be willing to consider the current pricing.

Most will not be surprised by this finding, as an entry level 3D TV will cost around £2000 when first launched. Interestingly the survey also asked respondents to say whether they thought 3D glasses make the wearer look silly and over 66 per cent agreed that they do.

26 per cent of UK consumers said that they were unenthused by the 3D revolution and content with the two dimensional HDTVs they already own. A further 19 per cent were not willing to make the jump early on because they are convinced that the lifespan of 3D TV will be a short one.

It turns out that the only way to convince UK consumers to buy into the 3D TV platform is to lower the price. A third of respondents said that they might consider upgrading if 3D TVs were on sale for around the £500 mark, which is not going to happen for a few years.

Electronics manufacturers are hoping that the 3D revolution will quickly convert from a boutique luxury to a mainstream sales success. Sony has projected sales of 2.5 million for its initial 3D TV offerings in the first year.

The survey was carried out by VoucherCodes and it seems as though Sky’s promotion of 3D sports might be another dead-end as only 11 per cent of respondents expressed an interest.

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