Swingball App Brings Clean Tennis Fun to iOS

Posted on May 26 2011 - 3:14pm by Richard Sharp

Swingball – App of the day

Swingball was the foundation of many a summer day when I was growing up, stake a pole into the ground take a racket and smash a ball to a playing partner safe in the knowledge you wouldn’t lose the ball.

Today Swingball has launched a brand new app that brings together a traditional toy with a digital interface. The app allows users to challenge Swingball Sam to a match in various locations around the world, cities include New York, Tokyo, Paris and London. The aim is to beat Sam in the allotted time to progress onto the next level.

Bonus rounds are included where you can take or import a picture from your library to replace the ball. The evil amongst you may choose your arch enemies head instead of your own! So how much will the Swingball app set you back? Well, nothing actually as it is free to download via iTunes now.

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