T Mobile Customer Flips Out and Destroys Store

Posted on Jul 3 2012 - 4:10pm by Richard Sharp

What would you do if you were refused a refund? Ask to speak to the manager, call customer services or trash the joint? Not many people would take the third option but that’s precisely what has happened today in a T-Mobile store in Manchester.

Jason Codner goes berserk

No, that’s not the title of a hilarious movie but is an apt description of what Mr Codner did today after staff refused to issue a refund. As the video below shows he systematically dismantles the store before grabbing a fire extinguisher.

He then sprays down phones, tablets, fixtures and fittings before ripping down the few remaining shelves. An onlooker then shouted that he [Codner] was going to leave the shop, only to see him unleash his fury with a different extinguisher. This time he appears to either inhale or irritate himself with it which causes him to throw it away in a rage.


Onlookers who filmed the event seemed alarmed and confused at why the store was being ransacked, whilst reactions afterwards questioned why Codner was smiling when he was being arrested by five policemen.

Others have posted their support on YouTube where the video has been viewed over half a million times already. One viewer said “this man is an inspiration to us all” whilst another made light of the situation by explaining the police would have arrived sooner if they’d had better signal.

What’s your take on this outburst?

Source: YouTube

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