Tame Multi Tasking Cube Saves Time And Hassle

Posted on Apr 10 2008 - 9:41pm by Richard Sharp

Tame.jpgThe modern world is great! It allows you to keep in contact with business associates and your nearest and dearest any time and anywhere.  The problem is people can also get hold of you 24 seven in one way or another.  So we have found a gadget that will relieve you of duty at one turn of a cube!

Tame is a device that syncs all of your equipment and email accounts including social networking sites.  At one turn of the cube you mobile phone, email auto responder, instant messenger status and facebook account’s status can be updated.

Each side of the cube has a message  that relates to the messages on the device or programme you want to update. So by turning the cube over the message/comment will be updated accordingly.

Tame is also very good looking and would look at home on any modern desk or dashboard. This is one clever bit of kit that is a great time saver.

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