TASCAM unveils mic and instrument interface for iOS

Posted on Sep 21 2011 - 12:09am by Robert

Music technology company TASCAM has recently unveiled its new mic / instrument interface for iOS devices called the TASCAM iXZ. The TASCAM iXZ is an audio interface for your iOS devices, such as the iPhone, iPod TOuch or iPad, that lets you record, sample and monitor a live audio feed.

The TASCAM iXZ audio interface has a single channel balanced XLR / line input that allows you to plug in professional grade microphones, electric musical instruments or audio equipment. A set of AA-sized batteries allows you to use condenser mics that require phantom power when needed. Battery life can last up to 15 hours of continuous use of the phantom power.

A simple dial lets you adjust the levels of your input, and a 1/8-inch headphone jack at the back of the device allows you to monitor the audio comping from your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. The device also has a switch that lets you choose what kind of input device you are using.

The TASCAM iXZ can be used for songwriting, as you can use it with the TASCAM Portastudio app to make a song before presenting it to the band. It can also be used to record band rehearsals and live performances. More advanced users can also use it for sound effects gathering, using the your device’s portability to record sounds in the outside world, hen dropping them into your productions.

No information on worldwide availability and pricing has been released yet, but you can check out TASCAM’s website for more updates.



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