The 01 Phone – Just Who’s Is It?

Posted on Aug 23 2008 - 12:34am by Richard Sharp

01 - Nobody's Claimed It YetT3 has potentially found the most incredible phone that, if it’s real and comes to fruition, would blow pretty much the entire range of iPhones and 3g phones completely out of the water; not least for its laser keyboard (touch screen is so passée). The 01 is quite possibly its working title and some of the details are both sketchy and completely unconfirmed at the present time but it’s always good to dream.

For a start, it looks exquisite with ultra thin form, and a big honking screen taking up the entire front of the phone. Throw into the mix a list of features that look like the designers have just gone “we’ll give it everything that all other phones have got and we’ll max the specification of the lot” and you’re half way there.

A 5MP camera, 3g Internet connection, and a massive 32GB storage place in comparison to the concealed laser keyboard that will project onto the surface below the phone and enable you to use just about any surface as a keyboard. The laser tracks finger movements so that you can use it as you would an ordinary computer keyboard. Whether it’s a phone being knocked up by an existing manufacturer or something completely new is unknown but the onsite countdown signifies we’ll know more in less than a month.

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